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Arrosto Chicken (Half | Whole) £13.5 | £25

Free range, herb cured, slow roast. Served as a whole or half with its own butter and lemon enriched juices.

Arrosto Parmigiana (v) £12

That life-affirming comfort food classic: silky fried aubergine slices layered with passata, creamy mozzarella, fresh herbs, breadcrumbs and (vegetarian!) Parmesan. Baked until a bubbling irresistible golden brown on top.


Chicken Dripping Potatoes (Small | Large) £5 | £7

Roast potato wedges tossed in chicken drippings - crispy and fudgy in all the right places.

Olive Oil Potatoes (Small | Large) £5 | £7

Potato wedges slowly roast in olive oil until crispy.

Quality Wines Focaccia £3

Naturally leavened olive oil rich bread from our sister restaurant. Always freshly baked.

Green Salad £4

Mixed leaves and alliums with a punchy vinaigrette.


Burrata £7

A ball of creamy mozzarella from Puglia.

Winter Tomatoes £7

Crunchy mineral-rich tomatoes from Sicily simply served with extra virgin olive oil, Maldon salt and cracked black pepper.

Chicken Spiedini £8

Three skewers of marinated chicken thigh cooked over charcoal until charred and juicy. Served with a condimento of your choice.

Broccoli Ripassata £6

Steamed broccoli tossed in hot and fragrant garlic and chilli oil.


Mayonnaise £1.5

Salsa Verde £2

Anchovy £2

‘Nduja £2


Chicken Milanese Sandwich £9

Breaded and fried chicken thigh in a soft toasted roll with roast peppers, provolone and rocket.

Arrosto Piadina £8.5

A traditional flatbread from Romagna, here filled with arrosto chicken, broccoli ripassata and burrata.

‘Zuni Cafe’ Roast Chicken & Bread Salad £30

An homage to the iconic Californian restaurant’s cult dish. A whole arrosto chicken, jointed and served with a warm salad of torn toasted foccacia, pine nuts, raisins, spring onions and mixed leaves.


Gelato £6 ‘Con brioche (+ £2)

Madagascan Vanilla | Marsala & Raisin | Salted Caramel | Bitter Chocolate | Pistachio

Blood Orange Sorbet £6


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